"... He is the kind of musician you want to have in a rhythm section. He has a fluid, relaxed technique, always complementing the music with the right notes and a great feel and such deep musicality!"
Doane Perry (drummer for Jethro Tull; Grammy winner)

"Rich Mangicaro Rare in this life to meet a man of true honor and even more rare to meet a man of his word.
Ronald Shannon Jackson (Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Decoding Society)

"He made my life and the lives of many artists and drum technicians very easy because of his amazing ability to work with us in the most positive way."
Sam O'Sullivan (Drum Technician / Studio Manager - U2)

"I have known Rich since the mid-Eighties and his reputation in the music industry is widely respected."
Curt Bisquera (Mick Jagger; Elton John; Los Angeles recording session artist)

"It has been a rare occasion in my career to be so fortunate in having a professional relationship with an individual such as Rich who clearly defines the word 'professional.' He is exemplary in his work, tireless in his work ethic, extraordinary in the responsibility he assumes and a 'class act' in the manner in which he relates to others."
Kim Plainfield (Percussion Department Chairman-"The Collective," New York City; Professor of Drum Studies-Berklee College of Music)

"Rich is a musician and professional of the highest order."
Paul Leim (drummer for Faith Hill; countless hit records from the Nashville session scene)

"Rich has been a close friend and a champion of my career for close to 20 years."
Abraham Laboriel Jr. (drummer for Paul McCartney & Sting)

"He's a first class human being and his dedication to his work has always been exemplary!"
Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group; Grammy winner; Professor-Northwestern University)