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“TRAVELS” - Rich Mangicaro’s DEBUT ALBUM

Travels - Rich Mangicaro's debut album

Rich Mangicaro’s debut album of original instrumental compositions entitled “Travels”, is now available. Drums, percussion, piano and keyboards performed by Rich. Produced and mixed by Jonathan Clark and Rich Mangicaro, it also features original artwork by Rich’s father, Dominic Mangicaro. The 1st music video for the record, “Burning Meadows”, features the combination of Dominic’s art and Rich’s original music, for the first time. Dominic Mangicaro was a visual artist in Upstate New York and was considered by his peers to be a master in the classical sense. Born in 1920, from Calabria, Italy, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Dominic’s passing and 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. This record is dedicated to him..



“…His impassioned performances evoke a percussive "world" landscape, in alternately powerful and subtly layered textures and reveal a mature artist combining seemingly disparate playing and compositional styles into a cohesive whole. Check this one out ... already one of my favorites!”
Doane Perry - Jethro Tull

“…Rich comes out smokin’ in the first piece, the kind of song I immediately start thinking about how I would arrange for percussion ensemble, so I could participate in it! Loved it on the spot. But the entire album is a winner, for sure.”
Ernest Muzquiz - Principal Percussionist/Assistant Conductor - Syracuse Symphony

“…It's a beautiful recording! The SOUNDS were so great! I was amazed at the playing and the production.. just great! Again, the SOUND of everything... samples, drums, guitars, etc sound so real and clear! There is a lot of space and breath which really allows you to hear the clarity!”
Danny Gottlieb - Pat Metheny’s original drummer

“…Your CD has been in power rotation in my car! I’m loving it; great production and I love the marriage between the authentic and electronica! Really great work.”
Steve Porcaro - Toto

"This stunning debut release by Rich Mangicaro clearly reflects his boundless skills, creativity, passion, maturity and clarity of vision. It is a beautiful sonic landscape that will transport you to an egoless audio sanctuary wherever you are. The production is top notch and sounds are rich and gorgeous."
Karl Latham - Drummer/Producer

“Rich is stepping out and doing what he feels and hears in his heart and soul…love and compassion…hurt and pain and all things in between. It’s a beautiful representation of deep emotions painted by wonderful keyboard brush strokes and sensitivity to the lovely landscapes he’s created. TRAVELS is the perfect escape we all wish to have on a long quiet ride from our past…and into our future. Imaginative. Dreamlike. Reflective and heartfelt. He’s touched our souls and gave us a wonderful gift.”
Scott Crago - Drummer - Eagles

“I just bought Rich’s record, Travels, off of iTunes. Its beautiful... Nice job ! My wife and I curate listening sessions here at the house. We have ceremonies where we have about 25 guests over and we actively listen to playlists that I’ve put together of world music (for lack of a better term), one two-hour playlist and one three and a half-hour playlist. It goes all night and we meditate on the music with little or no talking. I will definitely use some of Rich’s tracks on the next playlist. The music actually functions as our shaman and guides us through brief spiritual journeys. Its been a very cool ritual that we do ever since traveling down to Brazil a bunch of times in the past 12 years. His music is on the same wave length!”
Jeff Quay - Drummer/Musical Director-Blue Man Group

“Very diverse material, and great quality of sounds. All the drums and percussion sound fantastic!!!!!! And the samples…Wow, sounds amazing!!!!!! Beautiful compositions that are quite diverse and yet extremely cohesive. Looking forward to continuing the journey listening to it.”
Randy Gloss - Chairman of World Music - California Institute Of The Arts (Cal Arts)

“Great CD! My favorite track is the 1st one, Travels Through Mecca. Love the Udu drum. Groovin. So freaking cool. This is a killin CD for a documentary. Or like a Travel Channel show. Sonically, it's really clean and sounds real. Not like it is all samples, but real acoustic instruments being played. Endless Journey piano is great!! Love the djembe. I'm assuming it djembe. The last track, Erratic Percolation, is very cool. Congrats on this accomplishment.”
Chris Ralles-Drummer, Pat Benetar

“Rich Mangicaro has expressed himself in all manner of musical environments through the years. Now we can listen to his own deep and personal musical expressions, much of it inspired by his father Dominic’s life and art. While being atmospheric and contemplative the tracks also groove with subtle, percussive sound colors. These tracks are accessible and yet sophisticated, filling the sonic canvas with memories and reflections of his world travels.”
Ed Clift - Music Industry Business Executive
Photo:  Rob Shanahan

Rich mangicaro

Rich Mangicaro has been a professional musician all his adult life.  He’s performed and/or recorded with many of music’s most influential artists including 15 years as a band member of Eagles founder, the late Glenn Frey.  Rich has also worked with Joe Walsh, Jeff Bridges, Aaron Neville, The Tubes, James Morrison, Venice, Michael McDonald, David Crosby, Jackson Browne and many more.   

As a music journalist, Rich has written for Modern Drummer, Drumhead, Drumscene, Percussive Notes, Edge, Rhythm UK and Batteur, enjoying both national and international recognition.  

Recognized as one of the music instrument industry’s foremost authorities in the field of Artist Relations, Rich spent 19 years as Director of Artist Relations for the Paiste cymbal company and currently is Artist Relations Manager for both Gon Bops, Inc. and Innovative Percussion, Inc.

Along with his artist relations work and continually performing and recording, Mangicaro is the creator, producer and editor of the web series on You Tube, “The Art Of Improv” - a series about spontaneous artistic creation, featuring talents from music, dance, acting, photography, comedy and even cooking.

Rich Mangicaro performing with various artists over the years.