Creator: Rich Mangicaro
RAM57 Productions
Season 1 featuring: SoulKaTu featuring Rich Ferguson, Kalani, Rich Mangicaro & Paul Garrison; Terry Bozzio, James Paige Morrison & Mary Lynn Rajskub, Alex Cline & Nels Cline, Timothy Drury, Eboni Adams & Friends.

The Art Of Improv Web Series explores the world of spontaneous creation through music, dance, poetry, fine arts, theater and even cooking. Hear some of the best improv artists in their field talk about the process of experimentation and enjoy the outcome of accidental genius. 


"A performance or occurrence as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination, without premeditation or influence."

Have you ever had this experience - one of your friends or family members come to mind and, before you can put any thought into it, the phone rings and it's them?!"  This is how powerful our collective energy is.  It's no's very real.  Most of us don't tap into our subconscious enough…some call it our 'higher self'.  But it's always there to guide us, if we just listen.

The Art Of Improv explores improvisational creation through various art forms, utilizing that very same subconscious, collective energy.  A collective communication, if you will.  We've shared conversations with exceptionally talented artists from the visual and performing arts - music, dance, acting, spoken word and photography, all utilizing improvisatory techniques.  What we've found is inspiring…a common thread.   In the exploration of their selves through spontaneous expression, magic often happens.  Some of their most memorable moments are when they're not judging or intellectualizing what they're creating but rather, being guided by their choices and their surroundings.  Ultimately, their courage to be free and to be literally in-the-moment takes them beyond their wildest expectations and expands not only their world but also those with whom they share their art.  

The Art Of Improv reveals the freedom of impulsive artistic creativity.  Where each performance is like a snowflake - never two the same.  Where the visual image captured appears as a surprise, even to its founder.  Where a movement flows into the next, without thinking or knowing the outcome.   And ultimately, where the audience is part of the creation. Uninhibited creation.  Something we instinctually do as children and often lose sight of as adults. 

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso